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Maintenance Services

Oil Change Service

Change engine oil and filter to manufacture specs*

Transmission Service

Exchange Transmission fluid system

Coolant Service

Flush cooling system

Brake Flush Service

Exchange brake fluid system

Fuel Injection Service (gas)

Flush and clean Fuel Injection system (gas)

Air Induction Service

Flush and clean Air induction system

Power Steering Service

Exchange Power Steering fluid system

Repair Services

Brake Service

Repair or Replace brake components (i.e. pads/shoes, drum/rotors, caliper/cylinders)

Starting and Charging system

Repair or Replace Electrical system (i.e. alternator, starter and battery)


Scan multi-computer health (i.e. check codes, monitor raw data)

Suspension Service

Repair or Replace suspension components (i.e. ball joints, shock/struts, bearings)

Electrical Service

Repair or Replace electrical components ( i.e. switches, motors and actuators)


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